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The Importance of Being Engaged (at Work)
What employer doesn’t love engaged employees? It makes for happier customers, lower turnover, better quality work, and a greater overall…
Feedback Gap: Feedback at Work Across Generations
Feedback is imperative to growth, but personally and professionally. It is far more socially appropriate to ask for feedback at work now…
How to Effectively Engage in Personal Development — The No Filler Edition
Here’s a guide with no cheeseball celebrity analogies that gets straight to the point.
What is “Company Culture”, anyway?
A simple definition and some tips on building and changing work culture.
Realtime Feedback : Going Another Round with First Round
In the first installment of our series “Realtime Feedback”, the team at Rhabit dives in to a great article on how leaders should provide…
The Performance Review is dying — here’s how to build its successor.
An informative research-driven prescriptive view of what companies should focus on for the post-performance review world.
Hello, World!
Hi. We’re the team at Rhabit. We’re obsessed with measuring, understanding, and growing great people and work culture.