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Strategy Into Behavior

Rhabit translates your company's values and strategic priorities into actionable behaviors for each employee role. Rhabit uses this cultural framework to align talent to your most critical initiatives in a positive, sustainable way.

Influence Behavior Through


People develop better behavior through feedback, but providing actionable feedback is a challenge. Rhabit's unique approach makes this effortless and transforms feedback into consistent data that shapes behavior and builds self-awareness.

Optimize Your Strategy

with Data

Rhabit's scalable design unlocks powerful insights into behavior, performance, and culture. Visualizations and predictive analytics put you in control of your work culture and allow you to anticipate the impact of strategic decisions on business outcomes.

Build a Work Culture

That Wins

Rhabit creates the cultural infrastructure your company needs to succeed. Employees are aligned and incentivized to focus on the behaviors key to their success and leadership is empowered to shape company culture like never before.



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